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School Inspection and Review

School reviews and inspections can provide a valuable insight into the current state of an institution as well as highlight directions for future development.

MMES can provide school review and inspection services to schools in most locations worldwide.

The range of services related to school review and inspection includes:

  • School community reparation: conducting self-evaluations, and understanding and responding to the Inspection Framework.

  • Post-report analysis: understanding the report findings and preparing a responsive school development plan.

  • Conducting inspections on behalf of the school and/or the school's key stakeholders. Including as required:
  • school visits,
  • classroom observations,
  • consultation with students, parents, faculty, etc.,
  • conducting and analyzing stakeholder surveys,
  • review and analysis of key data sets, attendance, student attainment, etc.,
  • preparation of written report against the inspection framework,
  • suggestions for future development.

The review or inspection process and framework can be constructed to meet your specific needs.

Our professional teams can be tailor-made to meet your requirements and include internationally certified school review and inspection experts and include a range of fluent language skills.

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